Orange Pineapple Cheddar Salad

This nameless recipe was written on the back of an old piece of While You Were Out stationery from a local printing company. The company appears to have vanished but I’d guess from the font and format that it is from the 70’s. The logo letters look a lot like the font used in the old GAP logo, but that doesn’t really prove anything.

There isn’t much to say about this one except that it has cheddar cheese in it, which I would have thought was pretty weird if I hadn’t already eaten a jello salad filled with ham and onions.

The Recipe


  • 1 large pkg orange jello
  • 1 C. boiling water
  • 10 Ice cubes
  • 1 small can crushed pineapple

“Set until almost firm. Beat jello mix til fluffy + then add

  • 1 C. whipping cream- whipped
  • 1 C. shredded (med) sharp cheddar cheese

The limited instructions are sprinkled throughout and are mostly implied, but here it is all spelled out for you:

Dissolve orange jello in boiling water then add the ice cubes. Once the ice has melted add a small can (8 oz.) pineapple. Let it set for about 45 minutes to an hour then whip by hand or briefly with a hand mixer. Once it is “fluffy,” add the whipped cream and cheese and fold it all together. Refrigerate until set. Prep time is about 10 minutes.


  • Do not used sweetened whipped cream, use heavy cream that is hand-whipped (or just whip it in your blender).
  • Scoop it into molds or just let it set in a bowl or other boring dish.
A simple molding alternative is a serving bowl.
A simple molding alternative is a serving bowl

Similar Recipes

Because I am the type of person who does this sort of thing, I researched jello salads with all of these ingredients. This recipe was scribbled on the back of memo so it could have come from anywhere; a friend, a magazine, a book, who knows?

I didn’t manage to find this exact recipe anywhere, but there is a 50’s-era Southern recipe called “Sawdust Salad” that is sort of in the same ballpark. There are more ingredients and it is intentionally layered, but it’s generously garnished with sharp cheddar cheese if that counts for something.

There is another un-molded orange gelatin/fruit salad out there with a lot of variations that is probably more closely related to this one. Some add marshmallows or nuts and most replace the cheddar with cream or cottage cheese. Many also combine the pineapple with apricots or mandarin oranges. We get a bit closer if we search recipes using lemon or lime jello instead of orange, but again, none of the recipes I found are an exact match ingredient-wise. So what we have here is quite possibly a one-of-a-kind recipe.

The Verdict

You know what? This jello salad is excellent. At this point I don’t even know why I’m surprised. It’s not quite as delicious as Emerald Salad, but it’s mighty close.

If you’ve been following this blog since the beginning you might remember that I don’t particularly like jello (it’s mostly a texture thing). Yet here I am recreating vintage gelatin recipes like it’s my life now. Until a few months ago I rarely ate it, let alone bothered to make it. BUT I grew up in the American West so jello usually found its way onto my plate somehow, whether I liked it or not.

Long story short, you never know which recipes (historic or otherwise) will turn out to be favorites. Like I always tell my son, Try it, you might like it!

I give it 4/5, but only because I’m rating retroactively and I can’t remember exactly how good it is. It very well could be a 4.5/5.

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