Introducing: A Jello Rating System

Today I decided to rate my jello creations using a cool little mold graphic that my husband so kindly whipped up for me.

The recipes will be rated 1 -5, including half-molds. Obviously food is pretty subjective so what I like or don’t like might not be the general consensus. I don’t even particularly like jello, if I’m honest. However, I’ve eaten a LOT of jello so I think I have a pretty reliable sense of taste by now!

I will be going through my previous posts and updating each with a rating based on what I wrote and how I remember it. I can’t promise this will happen today because I have things to do. But eventually all of my recipes will be rated.

Also, if you are one of my special subscribers (or just an occasional visitor), feel free to comment or send me a message about any recipes you’ve tried. If you’ve made it at home and hate/love/tolerate it, I want to know!

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