Mold or Mould?

As I’ve been building this blog I have wondered which spelling to use.

Mould is the British spelling, while mold is American. Both words mean the exact same thing(s): A container to shape things, decorative strips of wood (or some other material) on walls, and a nasty fungus we would like to avoid. There is no difference at all in meaning, though I think some Americans like myself prefer to use mould when not talking about the fungus.

I generally like continuity within my articles so I went with the spelling found on the overwhelming majority of my recipes for Jell-O salad, which are ‘u’-less. Molding Moulding, Potato potahto.

That said, if I slip up and write moulding, it’s because that’s how I typically write it and I’m not editing my work very well OR because the recipe I’m using spells it that way.

So in case you ever wonder which word to use, you now have an explanation!

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